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What Does 'Single Origin Coffee' Mean?

When a customer grabs and scans a bag of coffee, they may find the phrase, 'single-origin' among many other things. That same customer may think this is a fancy marketing ploy but it is not, well it shouldn't be. Let's dive into this phrase. 

Coffee that is brewed in your cup that comes from a single region is a single-origin coffee.  You may see information about climate, growing techniques, and even how the coffee is processed help articulate that origin.

I remember not knowing the difference between a blend or single-origin.  I was calling coffee from Ethiopia, blends and it was truly from one region and one farm. In terms of a blend, think of the blend as being two or more distinct beans coming together for your pleasure.

Our inaugural coffee, 'Granny's Roast,' is a single origin coffee from Ethiopia that has continued to be a favorite for our customers. I would love to send you a fresh bag to your doorstep today.  

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