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The Most Expensive Coffee Cost $4535 Per Pound

While financial experts are reporting an upcoming recession here in America, the most expensive coffee in the world is being sold. Normally in a recession, we cut back on our perceived luxuries. You'll probably will cut out the Panama based company Ninety Plus because they are selling coffee for $4535 a pound. 

Ninety Plus is sending green coffee to Espresso Lab in Dubai for the record-breaking price which was previously held by the same company for auction in 2017.

According to Roast Magazine, Joseph Brodsky, from Wisconsin, started Ninety Plus. The company farms coffee from Panama and Ethiopia. Let me give my two cents, coffees from Ethiopia are delicious.  Brodsky’s company doesn’t reveal their methods of a coffee so good people will pay $4k for it. No one has revealed the processing methods or their coffee variety.

Basically, no one knows if the coffee is worth the hype. This could be a marketing strategy for Ninety Plus but I doubt it.

Rapper 2Chainz sampled a coffee valued at $100 a cup on his show ‘Most Expensivest’ produced by Viceland. Brodsky and his friend Grupo Elata, an investment fund CEO, smash the rapper's attempts at expensive coffee by sharing coffee priced at $250 a cup. Can we say balling?

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