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Coffee Doesn't Make You More Creative

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If you're like me, you would assume coffee is the driving force for these innovator minds. A new theory suggests the drinking coffee doesn't help increase creativity. But what about all the ideas we come up with over a delicious single-origin caramel latte?
According to Inc. Magazine, coffee doesn't increase our ability to be creative. Instead of thinking that drinking coffee increases your creativity, Maria Konnikova says,
"Creative insights and imaginative solutions often occur when we stop working on a particular problem and let our mind move on to something unrelated [but] caffeine prevents our focus from becoming too diffuse; it instead hones our attention in a hyper-vigilant fashion."
Creatives are sometimes viewed as scatterbrains. But a study finds that drinking coffee helps increase the ability to focus. Consider planning to get things done over some delicious coffee like 'Kiblah's Blend.'
If you're thinking about coming up with some ideas, go for a walk, listen to music, or daydream. Whether at home or at the cafe, drink coffee to focus instead of getting your creative juices flowing.
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